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+7 (495) 690-7130
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Elena Tolchennikova
"I think that the idea that an art gallery should be presenting exclusively one artist is outdated. Today artists have so many opportunities! We live in an open digital world and the role of a gallery as a marketplace is secondary. We invite artists to be our partners. Our projects are always synthetical, which is in line with contemporary art. Producing interesting projects — that's how I see the main goal of JART gallery",
- from the interview for The Art Newspaper Russia
JART Gallery art institution was launched in 2008. Over the past three years, the gallery has been actively supporting contemporary Russian art. In its exhibition activities, JART has chosen a unique project approach, which has ensured recognition among critics and collectors.

The gallery works with leading curators and artists of various generations - and this is a real synthesis of creativity! In 2019, the gallery organized and held a number of significant art events: two personal projects by Alexander Melamid and an exhibition by Egor Fedorichev in the format of an art residence. In 2020, JART received the Best Stand award at the COSMOSCOW International Contemporary Art Fair and opened the acclaimed the project "CHA SCHA. Exhibition in the woods. "

The gallery boasts a unique location on the territory of the ART-RESIDENCE complex of mansions in downtown Moscow with an inspiring atmosphere and modern loft architecture of Soho quarters in London and New York.
In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the unique (even by the standards of the "all-seeing" and "all-knowing" Russian art market) JART gallery became, if not an enfant terrible, then a favorite inspiring child of Russian art critics.
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